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The Black Belt Academy Surgical Skills is designed to enable you to practice your surgical skills at home on low fidelity models. The syllabus has deconstructed the central elements of surgery and broken them down into basic skills and exercises that you can practise at home. Each skill and each section builds on a previous skill and adds more complexity.

The important thing about practice is to be deliberate and to do it correct – there is no point spending an hour practising when the movement not been done correctly.  We hope that you, no matter you current level of skill, take this opportunity to look at your basic surgical skills and focus on your techniques.

Doing it correctly will make your surgery more effective and more efficient. As with martial arts unless your technique is correct and accurate, the power and speed will be lost. The Samurai Warriors in the 1500s described the art of the sword in meticulous detail; every movement had an explanation. The BBASS syllabus offers you those explanations and invite you to practice deliberately – one step at a time.

A Black Belt in Martial arts is only someone who practiced regularly.

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